Agreement of Participation

Agreement of Participation

Location: Tom McCall Waterfront Park, downtown Portland

In recent years, this event has been held in Kelley Point Park in North Portland. City officials have supported and agreed to this more suitable and public location.

Weekend: Saturday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25

Attendees of this year’s event agree as a part of their participation to the following terms:

Agreement of Participation

No illegal activities or substances

No alcohol, illegal drugs or paraphernalia

No tents or canopies

No unauthorized sales or vending of items

No unauthorized displays or distribution of materials

No pets (including NO DOGS even if on leashes) or other animals are allowed in this event except for Certified Service Animals

No camping or unauthorized vehicles of any kind

Per Portland City Ordinance, No Smoking in the Park

Respect the Police Memorial

Bicycles should always be ridden with caution and consideration toward pedestrians, who have the right-of-way. Bicyclist are advised to either walk their bike in crowded areas or take an alternate route during crowded event periods.

Respectful Environment: While this event has always been a low-key and accepting environment, this year we will be in downtown Portland, just blocks from City Hall and the Portland Police Bureau’s Central Precinct. Hempstalk is being presenting on the city’s front porch for all of the businesses, residents, workers, visitors, news media and city officials to see. The police specifically are sworn to uphold the law. They and their superiors cannot support, condone or allow illegal activities as a basic course of their civil service responsibilities.

We are committed to abiding by these rules and regulations as a part of our Park Permit and current lawful ordinances of governing agencies.

In order to present a safe and incident free Hempstalk event, we ask for your patience, understanding and support in abiding by this agreement of participation for Hempstalk 2016. We hope this event will become a major annual festival in downtown Portland in the coming years.

Background: HEMPSTALK is a FREE community event providing musical entertainment, exhibits, educational information, a variety of local food vendor menu options, crafts andand home-made products of area artisans. Since 2005, Hempstalk has been a growing forum for FREEDOM of SPEECH viewpoints relating to lifestyle diversity and alternative cultural, social and legal viewpoints.

As the event leadership, we view this year’s event as an opportunity to take a significant step forward in this event’s planning and presentation.

If you are a recreational consumer or a medical marijuana patient and you need to medicate, please do so before arrival to or after departure from the event. Consumption is not currently legal in public locations including Waterfront Park. We are working to change this law!