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There is a truth that must be heard! This section of the site was created to speak to those people interested in learning more about the movement. If you are a journalist, be inspired to share in your publication about Hempstalk. If you are a voter, take the time to educate yourself about the past, present, and potential future of this amazing plant.

We will feature various videos that speak more about the hemp and cannabis movement and the politics behind prohibition and update frequently as new art and education becomes available. We intend these videos to be just one part of the whole picture of what one plant could mean for society, agriculture, and our planet.

Archaeologists agree that cannabis was among the first crops purposely cultivated by human beings at least over 6,000 years ago, and perhaps more than 12,000 years ago.

The most resourceful crop on earth, cannabis yields industrial hemp for canvas, oil, fiber, and paper among other things; a harmless medicine for gravely ill individuals; and a source of recreation for millions of people around the world.

Hemp prohibition is the result of propaganda by the petrochemical, cotton, and wood-based paper industries, who foresaw competition from hemp. Virtually anything that can be made from petroleum can be made from hempseed and other vegetable oils at a much lesser cost, and hemp fiber is many times more durable and resourceful than cotton or wood-based paper. Let’s restore our right to grow this resourceful crop!

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